Workshop content creation

Are you contemplating to do more with content marketing, but uncertain or unknowing how to start? Let us inform and inspire you by means of an interactive workshop. Along a logical routing, with relevant (competitor) cases, and by analyzing your brand, website and communication, we’ll give you a clear insight on how to create content that increases your brand exposure, and preference. We provide this workshop both online and at location.

Inspirational brand session

Brands are defined by associative emotions, not by the products or services they deliver. This insight is the starting point of our brand session. Together, we take on the challenge of filtering your brand’s reason for being to the absolute essence, the emotional core value that’s at the base of all its doings. The outcome will serve as guiding line and inspiration to create a clear and compelling brand story. This session can be organized online or at location.

Optimize online: the bus-scan

Your corporate website can be a great platform to communicate and commercialize your brand. So, how pleased or satisfied are you right now with its overall presence and performance? Got a feeling it could do way better, but can’t quite get your finger on it? Get into action, get our BUS-scan. The BUS-scan is a handy tool to analyze your website, quickly and comprehensively, on Branding, UX-design and Search. The result will give you clear guidance where to improve and synergize for a better online experience.

Personal Branding Exercise

Just like brands, you are defined by associative emotions. Those feelings people get when they talk to you, see you present or read your posts. Via our own creative brand method, we help you to become aware of your 'brand' essence, and consequently advise you on how to direct your brand story, on LinkedIn, on your website, in interviews and during presentations. All to get your message across, about who you are and what you stand for. Because in the end, that's what will win people over, more than anything else.

Brand Venturing

Based on our core principle that every enterprise should operate from its brand essence, we also offer our expertise on an interim base. From within your organization, at your side, we will coordinate and connect your business and branding ambitions with a clear-cut routing. Our extensive experience, network and hands-on mentality secures the right actions will be taken and the right marcom specialists will be involved to create real brand value and get your venture flying.

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